Advertising offer: railways stations

Every year, the main railway stations in Poland are visited by over a dozen million people, both passengers and customers of shopping centers. Great location in the city centres, interchanges, low cost of reaching a potential customer – all these make railway stations an ideal place for advertising, including custom, so-called ambient advertising.

What do we offer?
1. Platforms on which you can e.g.:
•    present cars,
•    advertise products and services,
•    allocate a part of a railway station hall for the purposes of various events (e.g. exhibitions, stands, booths).

2. Marketing campaigns involving promotional staff, such as:
•    presentations,
•    demonstrations,
•    tasting,
•    sampling,
•    surveys.

3. 3D advertisements – lightweight, aesthetic structures (inflatable, carved or made of plastic)

4. Flashmob – directed group activities involving bystanders.

5. Concerts
•    small music concerts,
•    special events.

Statistical data – estimates

Number of railway station users at the largest railway stations in Poland per annum:

Warszawa Centralna: 24.5 million
Poznań Główny: 17.0 million
Wrocław Główny: 14.2 million
Katowice: 12.8 million
Kraków Główny: 10.4 million
Gdynia Główna: 9.2 million
Gdańsk Główny: 8.9 million

Contact person:

Joanna Grabowska
Tel. kom.: (+48) 783 919 661

Agnieszka Kowalczyk

Tel. Kom. +(48) 506 626 466