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PKP Intercity. The company was created on 1 September 2001 with the task of rendering long-distance passenger transport services.
PKP Intercity is the largest railway operator in Poland specialising in domestic and international passenger transport over long routes.
The company provides quick and comfortable journeys, takes care of the development of the transport services network and the tariff offer tailored to the needs of different customer groups. The train categories that run on domestic routes are Express InterCity along with the affordable Twoje Linie Kolejowe. On European routes passengers travel on EuroNight and Eurocity trains and international fast trains.
The operator is investing in the future – buying and modernising rolling stock, reaching for innovative solutions in passenger information systems and online sales channels.
PKP Intercity pays great attention to the needs and expectations of customers. Competence and professionalism, good manners and friendliness – these are the traits of the employees who are the pride of the company – they provide services on trains, work in ticket offices and Customer Service Centres.
Approx. 300 PKP Intercity trains roll onto the rails every day. Annually, 35 million passengers use the operator's services.

Call centre of PKP Intercity:
•    information about all transport services offered by the company,
•    information about all transport services of other operators if a passenger covers only part of his journey on a PKP Intercity train (a change to or from a train of a different operator)

Telephon contact: :
19 757 – for users of landlines and mobile networks

Charge per minute:
- at networks of TP S.A., TK Telekom Sp. z o.o. and Polkomtel Sp z o.o. – PLN 1.29 gross
- other operators – as per their price list

00 48 22 39 19 757 – for persons calling from abroad.

The number is available 24h for international calls made using landlines and mobile telecommunications networks (including calls made in countries using foreign telecom networks). Charge as per the operator's price list.
Please note: the number is available abroad only.

E-mail: (domestic transport services) (international transport services)


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