Corporate governance

Corporate governance carries out the tasks arising from the ownership rights to the PKP Group companies and other commercial companies in which PKP S.A. holds shares.
Corporate governance is the sum of the activities relating to:

  • corporate governance in respect of matters arising from the law and the rules of corporate governance,
  • economic and financial supervision, which consists of monitoring the economic and financial situation of the supervised entities.

The main objectives of corporate governance include:

  • ensuring the transparency of the activities of companies in which PKP S.A. holds shares and their governing bodies,
  • using corporate powers of PKP S.A. to achieve the objectives of the economic policy of PKP Group,
  • increasing efficiency of operation, effectiveness of management and value of the companies in which PKP S.A. holds shares,
  • preparing the entities for the privatization process.

In order to achieve these objectives of corporate governance, it is essential that the code governing bodies of commercial companies function properly: Shareholders' Meeting, Annual General Meeting, Supervisory Board and Management Board.