Management Board

Mirosław Pawłowski – CEO

Mr Pawłowski graduated in economic studies from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and went on to postgraduate studies in the field of management, among others. He has been associated with the railway industry and the companies of the PKP Group for many years. From 2001 to 2009 he was a member of the Management Board of PKP Polish Railway Lines JSC (PKP PLK JSC) with responsibility for economic and financial issues, during which time he successfully restored the financial position of the company. He also coordinated the implementation of the ERP SAP system at PKP PLK JSC, for which the company was awarded “Implementation of Year 2008”. From 2006 to 2009 he served as Vice-President of the Railway Employers’ Union (ZPK). More recently he managed one of the firms in the energy sector, directing major infrastructure projects in the eastern part of the Mazovian voivodship.

Cecylia Lachor – Member of the Board

Since the beginning of her professional career 33 years ago, she has worked for PKP. She is greatly experienced in the fields of finance and accounting. As a Director of Finance and Accounting Bureau of PKP PLK JSC, she was responsible for settling the EU funds and restoring the financial position of the Company, among others. One of her greatest successes was pioneering the introduction of the SAP ERP system. As the Accounting Bureau Director in PKP Intercity, she was responsible for the analysis of accounting and finance processes, as well as the implementation of these processes in the new version of ERP class ORACLE EBS system, and the introduction of new sales functionality, among others. She was also responsible for introducing electronic documents circulation along with OCR. She participated in numerous projects coordinated by the Company in the area of tax optimisation, sales systems, purchase, upgrade of rolling stock, and assets management improvement. In 2015, she became Financial Officer, representative of the Management Board of PKP S.A. She graduated from the Kraków University of Economics in finance and banking, and completed postgraduate studies at the University of Management and Finance and the Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development.

Marek Michalski – Member of Board

Marek Michalski

Greatly experienced in the field of using the EU funds. For 13 years, as a department vice-director and then a department director in the ministries overseeing the EU funds spending, he was managing investment projects. Lately, he was employed in the Ministry of Development, where he was responsible for creating and controlling a system for managing the Infrastructure and Environment Programme. For 7 years, as a department director, he was also responsible for negotiations in the area of EU financial perspectives – 7-13 and 14-20. He also participated in works ensuring the financing of railway projects, inter alia on budgetary bills. He has degrees in law and political science. He graduated from the University of Warsaw, and also completed postgraduate Polish-Dutch European Studies on European Integration.

Michał Beim – Member of Board

Michał BeimCommunications and transportation expert with significant scholarly achievements. He graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, in spatial planning. Earth Science Ph.D. Lecturer at the Department of Environmental Engineering and Spatial Planning at the Poznań University of Life Sciences. Since 2009, expert of the Sobieski Institute specialising, among other things, in drafting opinions and expert studies on public transportation development. He was awarded Alexander von Humboldt Foundation scholarship at the Institute of Mobility and Transportation of the Kaiserslautern University of Technology. During his academic work in Germany, he was studying the subject of regional railway services and integrated periodic timetable (tact). He has many years of experience in sustainable transportation activism. Thanks to his academic work abroad, he enjoys a wide network of international contacts. He authored or co-authored over 60 scientific publications, including five books, and tens of articles in daily and industry press.