Our railway stations


dworce zbiorczePKP S.A. manages over 2,500 stations, of which about 600 handle passenger train traffic. In recent years, the company has initiated a wide-ranging programme of modernising railway stations. Its effects can already be seen throughout the country: a few dozen railway buildings have been completely modernised, including the ones in Wrocław, Gdynia, Malbork, Kutno, Brzeg, Przemyśl. Not only have they been adapted to meet the needs of today's travelers, including persons with disabilities, but their historical architecture has also been restored. The PKP intends to commence the modernisations of railway stations in, among others, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz and Ciechanów during 2013. Additionally, the plans assume the commissioning of the facilities in Kraków, Łęczyca and Jarocin – which will amount to a total of 20 renovated railway stations. To improve the management of railway stations, PKP S.A. will introduce the position of railway station manager. Railway station managers will appear on 13 key railway station facilities and operate within Customer Service Offices. Their task will be to monitor the situation at the railway station, maintain it, ensure the proper level of service and to rapidly response to the comments and complaints made by customers. Regarding the railway stations that are not being trafficked, PKP S.A. has been implementing the "Take over a railway station" programme which means that a railway station property will be put up for sale to private individuals, enthusiasts or institutions. The company offer comprises 60 small stations located primarily along already inactive railway lines.