EU-financed projects

With financial support from the Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Infrastructure & Environment it was possible to modify and upgrade several key railway stations in Poland. In 2010, PKP S.A. commenced the process of implementation of three EU projects from the individual list of projects of the Programme Infrastructure and Environment. The central railway stations in Gdynia, Wrocław and Kraków were the first facilities to undergo modernisations partially covered by EU funds. The repair and replacement works conducted at the railway stations in Wrocław and Gdynia were finished in June 2012. Currently, the construction of the first underground railway station (Kraków Główny) in Poland is close to its completion and other railway stations (Szczecin Central, Gliwice and Bydgoszcz Central) are to undergo modification works in 2014-2015. Another key project implemented with the support from EU funds under the Infrastructure and Environment programme is a security-related project realised at the railway stations of the Warsaw railway node. The aim of this undertaking is to create a single and central security management system. As a  part of this system, special control rooms will be built at the stations in order to support video surveillance and the operation of the fire and burglary detection subsystem. The project will cover, among others, the following railway stations: Warszawa Zachodnia, Warszawa Ochota, Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Śródmieście, Warszawa Stadion, Warszawa Wschodnia. The Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment for 2007 - 2013 (OPI&E) is one of the programmes that support the implementation of the National Cohesion Strategy. More information about the Programme can be found at:
A brief description of each project can be found below.

Kraków Central station. 
Kraków UEThe project concerns the construction of a new underground railway station in Kraków. A modern, passenger-friendly railway station that will be part of a public transport hub combining underground tram lines, a car park, a bus station and – thanks to the railway connection – transportation to the airport in Balice. The scope of the project includes the completion of facility structures, completion of installation works, finishing works and installation of equipment (including escalators and elevators) as well as the installation of infrastructure enabling access to the facility for people with disabilities. As a result of this project, the standard of the passenger service and the safety level at the railway station will improve and the time needed to change modes of transportation will be reduced. Project name: Construction of KRAKÓW GŁÓWNY railway station integrated with urban public transport (OPI&E no. 7.1-28) Operational Programme Infrastructure & Environment.  Priority VII: Environment-friendly transport . Measure 7.1 Development of railway transport. Project total value: PLN 130,039,312. Additional funding: PLN 64,047,558. More information about the project:

Wrocław Central station.
Wrocław UEThe project comprised the construction of an underground parking lot, development of the square in front of the railway station, modification of the functional system of the railway station including installations, platform layout, and platform shelters while restoring the historical architecture in accordance to the conservator's guidelines for the railway station, platforms and platform shelters. New indoor installations were made (electricity, telecommunications, sanitary) and outdoor installations related to the proper functioning of the railway station. The efficiency of passenger service was enhanced by the construction of a pavilion with ticket offices that handle passengers on the other side of the railway station. The pavilion is connected to the existing railway station and modernised platforms through a tunnel.  The facility was made available to passengers before the European Football Championships of 2012. Today, the property is admired by the residents of Wrocław and visitors thanks to the beauty of the restored and reconstructed historical details harmonising with the modern interiors. The investment cornerstones have been achieved: improving the technical condition of the object so that it meets the requirements and technical standards set for public utility buildings; increasing the safety of users; creating spatial and functional transparency in serving passengers; removing architectural barriers (the facility is now accessible for visitors with disabilities); ensuring a pleasing look of the facility. Project name: Reconstruction of the historical complex of the Wrocław Główny railway station along with the modification of the railway technical infrastructure (OPI&E 7.1-27). Operational Programme Infrastructure & Environment. Priority VII: Environment-friendly transport. Measure 7.1 Development of railway transport. Project total value: PLN 361,604,854.00. Additional funding: PLN 180,630,275.00. More information about the project:

Gdynia Central station.
Gdynia UEThe renovation of the Gdynia Central railway station complex was needed in order to improve the transport coherence in the city as well as the entire Tri-City agglomeration. The project was crucial for handling passenger traffic during the European Football Championships in 2012. The project improved the condition of the facility, including the restoration of its original assets and ensuring a high-quality standard of passenger service. The modernisation brought a new order to the public space of the railway station by introducing transparent routes of passenger services: acquiring tickets, awaiting journeys in waiting rooms, luggage storage, comfortable routes to the platforms and the city. A number of elements facilitating the spatial orientation and movement of people with disabilities were fitted in the building and the safety of passengers is ensured thanks to the installation of a modern monitoring system. Project name: The renovation of the Gdynia Główna railway station complex (OPI&E no. 7.1-38). Operational Programme Infrastructure & Environment. Priority VII: Environment-friendly transport. Measure 7.1 Development of railway transport. Project total value: PLN 48,606,686.49. Additional funding: PLN 18,377,407.12. More information about the project:

Bydgoszcz Central station.
The recent analyses of the implementation of the project comprising the modernisation of the Bydgoszcz railway station complex have played a major role in the decision to refrain from interfering extensively with the railway station buildings as assumed in the multi-industry conceptual idea. Currently, the renovation and modernisation works are planned to take place in the main buildings without their demolition. To open the spatial arrangement and to facilitate the passengers’ access to the railway station area, the residential building in Zygmunt August Street will be demolished. The island railway station, located between the third and fourth platform, will also be modified only internally while the character of the façade will be preserved. The planned work aims at adapting the railway station to the needs of people with disabilities. As a part of the project, elevators (and alternatively – escalators) are planned in the buildings, as well as in the pedestrian underpasses. The modernisation of the railway station will improve the quality of passenger service and thereby increase the share of railway transportation in the public transport performance. Project name: Construction of an integrated transport centre in Bydgoszcz – Stage 1. Operational Programme Infrastructure & Environment. Priority VII: Environment-friendly transport. Measure 7.1 Development of railway transport. Project total value: approx. PLN 200,000,000.00. Additional funding: approx. PLN 112,500,000.00. Project implementation deadline: 2015

Gliwice central station.
The project involves the modernisation of the railway station along with the accompanying railway infrastructure. As part of the work, the facility will be equipped with modern networks and installations as well as passenger information systems. The functional layout of the railway station will be optimised and the performed work will help to create a modern centre for handling passengers, adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities. The investment will contribute to improving the technical condition of the facility, reducing adverse environmental impact and adjusting the station to the modern standards of passenger service. Project name: Modernisation of the Gliwice railway station complex. Operational Programme Infrastructure & Environment. Priority VII: Environment-friendly transport. Measure 7.1 Development of railway transport. Project total value: approx. PLN 170,900,000.00. Additional funding: approx. PLN 119,550,000.00. Project implementation deadline: 2015