General conditions of real estate intended for rent/lease

wroclaw-holAdvertisements of properties of PKP S.A. intended for rent or lease are published on the PKP S.A. website. A tender or negotiation procedure is initiated if within 14 days at least one person or entity expresses their interest. Invitation to tender or negotiations can also be published (apart from the PKP S.A. website) in a newspaper and local media.

PKP S.A. can rent or lease a property in the following procedures:

  • Tender with the option of auction (tender), i.e. open written tender with the option of auction or auction (oral bidding). This mode is used if the sole criterion for selecting the tenant is to obtain the highest rent.
  • Negotiations – mode used if, in addition to the maximum rent, some other criteria are taken into account or if no tenant has been selected in the tender.
  • Offer acceptance – this mode is initiated e.g. if no person or entity expresses their interest within 14 days from publishing the rent or lease offer on the website.
  • Occasional procedure – this mode is used in the case of rental agreements for a period no longer than three months.

The choice of mode of property rental or lease is made by PKP S.A.

Renting and leasing lie within the responsibility of the Property Commercialisation Department of the PKP S.A. Headquarters and are managed by Regional Directors for Property Commercialisation and regional Property Management Offices in Gdańsk, Cracow, Katowice, Poznań, Warsaw and Wrocław.

Renting and leasing constitute one of the methods of management of assets owned by PKP S.A. set out in the Act of 8 September 2000 on the commercialisation, restructuring and privatisation of the “Polskie Koleje Państwowe” state enterprise.